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Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

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Personalised learning

Siobhan’s IEP is devised in collaboration between her parents, her class teacher, the SNAs and any relevant therapists. The IEP is devised at the beginning of the academic year and is reviewed on a termly basis.

The IEP identifies Siobhan’s strengths, needs, interests and talents and forms the basis of creating a personalised learning programme that is relevant, meaningful and motivating.

The IEP is a collaborative and student-centred document and there are planned opportunities for Siobhan to make a contribution to her IEP and to express her ideas and opinions and to reflect on her progress.

Summary of Siobhan’s IEP targets

Communication, language and literacy

  • Speaking appropriately for a variety of purposes
  • Demonstrating attentiveness as a listener
  • Using non-verbal behaviour
  • Reading to obtain basic information
  • Using written forms to express opinion
  • Using expressive arts to communicate


  • Managing money
  • Awareness of number
  • Using a calculator
  • Awareness of time
  • Spatial awareness
  • Awareness of temperature
  • Awareness of weight and capacity

Personal care and wellbeing

  • Making personal decisions
  • Sexuality
  • Stress management
  • Develop good daily personal care
  • Knowing how to stay safe

Being part of a community

  • Make choices when using local facilities e.g. local cafes
  • Express contentment in the company of others

The arts

  • Participate in creating art work based on real or imagined stimuli—Create a poster for the Christmas coffee morning
  • Work independently and/or collaboratively to produce a piece of art work

Physical education

  • Move whole or parts of body creatively in response to stimuli 
  • Develop awareness of pathways and direction of movement

Overview of Siobhan’s learning programme

Priority Learning unit (PLU)


Junior cycle subjects/school activities

PLU 1: Communication, language and literacy

Developing communicative relationships

English and all subjects

PLU 2: Numeracy

Developing number sense

Maths, home economics and all subjects

PLU 3: Personal care and wellbeing

Personal care and hygiene

SPHE, PE, home economics and all subjects

PLU 4: Being part of a community

Using local facilities

SPHE, SESS, English, mathematics

PLU 5: The arts

Visual arts

Music, drama, visual arts

PLU 6: Physical education

Creative movement (dance)


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