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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Statements of Learning

Statements of Learning (SOL)

The statement

Examples of related learning in the course


The student communicates effectively using a variety of means in a range of contexts in L1

The student uses the correct terminology when discussing dogs. S/he communicates appropriately with others in school and in the community in informal and formal situations. There are opportunities throughout for making presentations of varying lengths and degrees of challenge. A range of writing forms are used to suit the purpose–writing a learning goal, filling in a simple form or writing instructions for the owner of a dog kennels who will look after the student’s dog.


The student values what it means to be an active citizen, with rights and responsibilities in local and wider contexts.

In all strands, the student explores the responsibilities associated with owning dogs.  The student finds out about services available in the local area for dogs. The importance of being a responsible owner and the need to safeguard self and others from potential harm is another important area. The student engages in active citizenship during the course as opportunities arise.

SOL 11

The student takes action to safeguard and promote her/his wellbeing and that of others.

The student learns about effective and safe practice when looking after a dog, including the need to safeguard others from potential harm.  

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