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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Features of Quality

Features of quality related to student work on both tasks are set out below. In general terms, these can be used by students and by teachers to support their discussions about and judgements of work on the assessment tasks. More specifically, the features of quality are the criteria that will be used by teachers to assess the student work. Grading will be on the basis of Achieved or Yet to be Achieved. All of the features of quality need to be completed successfully in order for the student to be awarded an  Achieved grading.

Exploring a Mock Crime Scene Task


  • The sequence of steps involved in observing, collecting, recording and preserving evidence from a crime scene are demonstrated
  • Evidence is collected using appropriate equipment
  • Appropriate practices to examine one piece of evidence collected are named
  • Information is conveyed using some relevant key terms and appropriate vocabulary
Science Experiment Task
  • The work demonstrates a basic understanding of how to conduct a forensic experiment on a piece of physical evidence
  • Appropriate methods are used to analyse physical evidence
  • An understanding of how to conduct the chosen experiment is evident
  • An awareness of the importance of safety procedures is demonstrated if appropriate
  • Conclusions are drawn to solve the crime based on the results of the experiment
  • Information is conveyed using appropriate keywords
  • There is some evidence of sequential planning
  • Rudimentary predictions and/or observations and/or emotional responses to the work (aspects enjoyed/found difficult/would do differently again) are made




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