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Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

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Assessment for Certification

Assessment for certification will be school-based.  There are two assessment tasks involved: Exploring a Mock Crime Scene Task and a Science Experiment Task. They carry equal weighting and students must gain an Achieved grade on each of the assessment tasks for purposes of certification. The assessment tasks will be undertaken towards the end of the course, as the tasks involved cover all strands and a large number of the learning outcomes of the course. Work from first year is not included as part of assessment for certification.

Assessment of a Mock Crime Scene

This task can be undertaken following completion of Strand 3. The student is presented with a mock crime scene (physically/orally/using sign language/visually/in written format). The student listens/reads/observes closely and identifies one or more pieces of physical evidence which could be tested to help solve the crime. A list of suspects may be drawn up based on evidence in the mock crime scene and they may be interviewed. The task requires the student to select the most appropriate measurement tools and /or technology to record and preserve evidence from the crime scene. Appropriate scientific practices are identified to examine one source of evidence. The student discusses or produces a basic plan, or uses pictures to represent the steps that need to be taken, to examine this source of evidence.

Science Experiment Task

The forensic experiment identified in the Mock Crime Scene task is undertaken on the chosen evidence. The equipment necessary for the experiment should be identified.  The student should demonstrate an awareness of safety hazards and the need to follow safe procedures when working in a laboratory.  Some students may conduct the experiment, others may direct someone else, instructions being communicated orally if a disability precludes the student from undertaking the task. Another alternative is that the student may communicate through the correct selection of and sequencing of pictures illustrating the tools/steps of the scientific experiment.


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