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Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

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Continuity and Progression

Progression from primary to senior cycle

Primary curriculum
While Wood Technology is not a stand-alone subject or area within the Primary School Curriculum, through its strands, elements and outcomes, junior cycle Wood Technology can progress related learning that has taken place at primary level.
A number of areas in the primary curriculum make reference to the development of problemsolving skills which are important for all aspects of Wood Technology. Throughout their years at primary school, learners engage in ‘design and make’ activities that develop their creativity and their fine motor skills. Both domains are further developed in students of junior cycle Wood Technology. In Social, Environmental and Scientific Education, students learn about the importance of maintaining sustainable forests and the importance of wood as a renewable energy source. This understanding is developed as learners progress through Wood Technology at junior cycle.

Senior cycle
The study of Wood Technology at junior cycle develops the foundations for a student to continue their studies in the suite of technology subjects in both the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied programmes.
More specifically, the subjects Construction Studies and Graphics and Construction Studies are available in the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied programmes respectively. The learning outcomes in junior cycle Wood Technology establish strong foundations for both these subjects. The activities students engage in during junior cycle Wood Technology aim to develop a technologically competent student who should be able to adapt to any discipline related to the technology subjects at senior cycle.

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