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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Chinese and other Key Skills

Key Skill

Key skill element

Student learning activity

Being Creative

Learning creatively

Students create and organise events showing and sharing their understanding of Chinese culture and language with school/class-mates and community, e.g. Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festivals.


Listening and expressing myself

Students engage in face-to-face and online conversations with Chinese speakers from a variety of backgrounds.  They participate in authentic, real-life activities and tasks in order to understand what is being said and to convey messages.

Managing information and thinking

Using digital technology to access, manage and share content

Students use digital technology to access language and cultural content as well as learning materials.  They use online media to complete course tasks with their peers.

Managing myself

Being able to reflect on my own learning

Students learn to self-assess their level in Chinese.  They reflect on their learning and set new proficiency targets at regular intervals.

Staying well

Being healthy, physical and active

Students explore Chinese attitudes to food and their role in promoting health and well-being. They learn about and experience how the practice of martial arts can improve mental and physical balance.  They engage in cultural activities requiring dexterity and coordination, e.g. paper-cutting, calligraphy and dance.

Working with others

Learning with others

Students communicate in pairs and groups.  They create a variety of links with Chinese speakers in partner schools and communities.  They link with other school subjects, home economics, to make Chinese dishes; music to learn to sing Chinese songs; or history to learn about China’s past.

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