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Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

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Each subject of the technology suite offers the student different experiences which contributetowards their education in technology education. As a result, preparing students for learning inthe technology subjects is not just about teaching towards the technology but towards the skillsthat are fundamental to the technology subjects and are transferable into other areas of theirlearning. Skills that encourage the student to solve problems through creativiton, innovation,communication, collaboration and exploration, all of which are developed in an active learningenvironment where students can advance their ideas from conception to realisation.

Applied Technology addresses the modifications of the natural world made to fulfil human needsor desires. This subject offers students a lens through which to view the role and impact oftechnology within their classroom, their community and the world.

Every human-made product is designed by applying some knowledge of the natural worldand is built using materials derived from the natural world, even when the materials are notthemselves natural. New technologies can impact on society and the environment. Students willanalyse expected benefits and impacts as they make decisions about their design solutions, whileconsidering the end user, the environmental impact and the functionality of their designs.

Through the study of Applied Technology, students will have the opportunity to developtechnological capability and literacy by engaging with a broad range of materials and systems.Students will develop an understanding of the principles of energy and control to resolve practicalproblems. Students will have the freedom to explore design and systems thinking through aniterative process to conceive, refine, realise and evaluate ideas.

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