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Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

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Statements of Learning

Statements of Learning

The statement

Examples of relevant learning


The student has an awareness of personal values and an understanding of the process of moral decision-making.  

This course provides students with the opportunity to examine a range of questions from an ethical perspective; to develop clearer values and think critically about how they arrive at decisions based on those values and on clear, logical and rigorous thinking.


The student appreciates and respects how diverse values, beliefs and traditions have contributed to the communities and culture in which she/he lives. 

As students engage in philosophical enquiry about some of life’s big questions, they are encouraged to consider examples and perspectives from a variety of cultural, religious or geographical contexts. Through the exploration of philosophical concepts and questions students come to appreciate the diverse range of values, beliefs and traditions that have shaped the world around them and also grasp the universality of questions about morality and belief systems.  

SOL 18

The student observes and evaluates empirical events and processes and draws valid deductions and conclusions.

Philosophy encourages the use of careful and logical reasoning as students analyse and evaluate propositions and arguments, identify shortcomings in arguments including common logical fallacies, draw conclusions and arrive at a considered position. 

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