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Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

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Target Group

Students undertaking a L2LP are those with learning disabilities in the low mild to high moderate range of abilities.

These students will benefit from an L2LP as it purposely focuses on development and learning in such areas as: elementary literacy and numeracy, language and communication, mobility and leisure skills, motor coordination and social and personal development.

The provision of Individual Education Plans (IEPs), when fully implemented, would apply to a lot of these students. While there is no definitive, agreed and accepted source of data on the prevalence of special educational needs in Ireland, the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) estimates that between 18-25% of all children in Ireland have special educational needs. Not all students with mild general learning disabilities are included in the group of students under discussion here, so the target group in question represents a very small percentage of all students with special educational needs. These are students who are most likely to be in the category that requires School PLUS Support (A Continuum of Support for Post-Primary Schools Guidelines, National Educational Psychological Service, 2007).

The majority of students of junior cycle age in these categories are enrolled in special schools. Others are in special classes in mainstream post-primary schools and some are in mixed-ability classes in these schools. In a typical post- primary school they may amount to two or three students. It is envisaged that as far as possible the students under consideration here who are in mainstream settings will undertake their L2LPs in mainstream classes. Of course there may be occasions when small group or one-to-one teaching is more appropriate.

Occasionally there may be a student undertaking L2LPs for whom recognition of learning in one or two subjects at Level 3 is also accessible. These students should be accommodated to undertake learning at both levels so all of their achievements may be recognised.

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