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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Personalised learning

Ciarán has an individual bi-monthly plan which addresses his strengths and needs in relation to the Level 1 guidelines. It outlines the elements and learning outcomes he is working on and the strategies employed to deliver them.

Ciarán has an IEP drawn up with the collaboration of his parents and the professionals involved in his learning. It is reviewed by the class teacher monthly and twice yearly by the professionals involved in drawing it up. Time is taken to identify and discuss Ciarán’s strengths, areas of priority and his interests as these will dictate the content of his IEP targets.

The priority learning targets identified for Ciarán in his IEP are:

Target 1: Ciarán will pronounce three and four syllable words correctly with prompts and extend his sentences beyond one word when speaking throughout the day (corrected 100% of the time).

Teaching strategies: When Ciarán is speaking incidentally, when telling his news and delivering messages etc throughout the day he will be corrected where necessary and also encouraged to extend his sentences beyond one word with prompting.

Use speech and language programme three times a week to help consolidate this skill.

Target 2: Ciarán will learn to dress independently (t-shirt, jumper) 100% of the time.

Teaching strategies: Ciarán will remove and put on socks, trousers, t-shirt and jumper and shoes independently three times a week  using visual schedule with photographs, modelling and verbal prompts.

Target 3: Develop knowledge of boundaries for what is acceptable in social settings.

Teaching strategies: Use modelling to help Ciarán understand appropriate conversational skills with peers and with staff—he will use ‘high fives’ and handshakes instead of hugs and kisses when greeting people 100% of the time.

Use praise and encouragement when Ciarán behaves appropriately in social situations. Speak to staff regarding their behaviour with Ciarán to discourage immature and inappropriate behaviour. Ciarán will be given opportunities to chat with staff and peers throughout the day (news time, group work, break time etc).

Target 4: Increase knowledge of time to the hour.

Teaching strategies: Use interactive games and activities and printed differentiated activities to increase Ciarán’s awareness of an hour on an analogue clock.

Use interactive games and activities to name the numbers on a clock.

Use differentiated worksheets to teach Ciarán long and short hand on the clock

Present Ciarán with printed version of analogue clock and use cut and paste activities to help   him complete the face (matching).

Target 5: Match euro coins and notes 10c 20c 50c €1 €5 100% of the time.

Teaching strategies: Use of interactive games and differentiated worksheets, 1:1 initially with fading prompts.


Physiotherapist and occupational therapist

We have consulted an occupational therapist with regard to Ciarán’s weight as he is clinically obese and is steadily putting on weight. This can affect his daily living as he finds it difficult to take on and put on his socks and when we go on our daily walk he can sometimes struggle with breathlessness.

Overview of learning programme Linked to PLUs, elements and links to junior cycle subject/school activities



Links to junior cycle subjects/school activities

PLU 1: Communication, language and literacy

a) Developing communicative relationships

Group literacy lessons

Morning news


PLU 2:  Numeracy

e) Measures and data

f) Time

Break times


PLU 3: Personal care and wellbeing

b) Personal care and hygiene

c) Food and nutrition


PLU 4: Being part of a community

d) Relating to others

PLU 5: The arts

a) Visual art

Music therapy


PLU 6: Physical education

a) Movement skills (athletics/gymnastics)

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