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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Teaching and learning

 Siobhan’s learning takes place through differentiated approaches. There is flexible teaching and delivery of the curriculum and includes all dimensions of the spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, social and physical development.

The teaching and learning approaches facilitate Siobhan’s participation and encourages her to be responsive, interactive and an active learner.  There is a balance between one-to-one teaching, individual and group work. The teaching and learning environment provides functional opportunities for Siobhan to practise her learning and to learn new skills.

A high priority is given to developing communication skills, social interaction skills, problem-solving skills, vocational skills and life skills as part of lifelong learning and preparation for adult life.


Activities, content, pace, methodologies and resources take into account the range of interests, needs and experiences of Siobhan. A visually-structured approach is used for Siobhan to optimise her learning. Most of Siobhan’s learning experiences are school based and she works with her whole class, in small groups and on a one-to-one basis. The structuring of curriculum material by breaking down the learning outcomes into smaller, more achievable and clearly defined steps means that Siobhan achieves a greater level of success.

When differentiating, it is important to consider Siobhan’s personality, motivation and concentration levels. The learning environment needs to be managed in a way that gives Siobhan clearly defined activities and reduces any difficulties she may have in her responses to learning.  It is important to introduce choice, and to encourage decision making so that Siobhan is an active participant in her own learning.

Use of ICT

ICT and digital technologies are used to support and provide additional learning opportunities for Siobhan and are particularly relevant to Siobhan as she is a visual learner.

The use of the interactive whiteboard and iPads are integrated into the curriculum and are highly motivating for Siobhan and they facilitate her working collaboratively with her peers.  The use of technology offers Siobhan greater access to learning programmes.  They are used in a planned and structured way to support and reinforce Siobhan’s learning in all subjects.  This also provides her with opportunities to become independent and facilitates choice in her learning activities with her peers.

The use of ICT and digital technologies offer Siobhan an alternative way of exploring and gaining access to materials and information.  It promotes interactive and multi-sensory learning and meets Siobhan’s individual learning needs. They have enabled Siobhan to become more engaged and motivated.  Siobhan finds the use of ICT and digital technologies fun and interesting and they provide her with a wealth of age-appropriate resources that are relevant and meaningful.

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