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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Personalised Learning

Before planning an appropriate learning journey for Chris using the Level 1 Learning Programme, it is important that his interests, strengths and needs are identified and understood. This is achieved most efficiently through meetings with his family and other professionals working with Chris. IEP meetings provide excellent opportunities for these discussions and creating targets. In Chris’ school, IEP meetings are held in October and reviewed in May, with ongoing reviews, updates and communication between home and multi-disciplinary teams throughout the year.

The table below summarises some of Chris’ identified interests, strengths and needs.




  • Throwing a ball (against wall or with a partner)
  • Foot spas
  • Sesame street
  • Movement activities (e.g. rocking , squeezing, swinging, bouncing etc)
  • Musical activities
  • Horse riding
  • Swimming
  • Deep pressure activities (e.g. body brushing)
  • Engages well in 1:1 interactions with familiar adults
  • Good visual attendance to photographs
  • Responds well to praise
  • Some expressive use of a switch in circle times and meal times
  • Good gross motor skills and balance
  • Independent spoon feeding (when supported with chopping and portion control)
  • Increased formal expressive communication methods
  • Lots of proprioceptive input needed prior to learning
  • Wider range of interests/ motivating activities or items
  • Support to chop food and slow down eating rate for safe consumption
  • Dependent for adult support with all personal care needs
  • Reduced anxiety / uncertainty around transitions

Through discussion with Chris’ parents, other professionals and his class teacher, 3 priority learning needs were identified:

Priority learning needs:

  1. Receptive communication: To attend to and respond to an increased photograph vocabulary.
  2. Expressive communication: To communicate a choice between 2 items / activities (1 preferred and 1 non-preferred item/activity) using eye gaze to photographs/objects or switches.
  3. Increased range of experiences: To widen range of, and access to, preferred activities with support and independently.
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