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Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

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Statements of Learning

The table below, together with the table on SPHE and key skills, show how SPHE may be linked to central features of learning and teaching in junior cycle.

SPHE and statements of learning (SOL)


Examples of related learning in the course

SOL 5: The student has an awareness of personal values and an understanding of the process of moral decision making.

Students develop self-awareness, including an awareness of their personal values and how these values influence day-to-day decision making. They also gain understanding of and develop respect for values, belies and experiences that may be different from their own.

SOL 6: The student appreciates and respects how diverse values, beliefs and traditions have contributed to the communities and culture in which she/he lives.

Students have opportunities to discuss the wider social and cultural context that influences their personal and inter-personal relationships and decision making around health and wellbeing.

SOL 11: The student takes action to safeguard and promote his/her wellbeing and that of others.

Students learn how to make decisions to support their own and others' health and wellbeing. They gain information and develop skills and strategies to help them deal with relevant life challenges and learn where to seek support when needed.
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