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Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

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SPHE toolkit

Social, Personal and Health Education

SPHE is a broad curriculum that supports children and young people to learn about themselves and to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Over time, it also gives them the knowledge and skills to be able to make responsible decisions in relation to their overall health and wellbeing.

Planning: It’s important to plan for SPHE using the curriculum as your guide. The Junior Cycle SPHE learning outcomes are broad and flexible to support you in planning learning for your students’ particular needs, stage of development and school context.

Professional development: The materials in the Toolkit are designed to support you in independently progressing your professional development in SPHE. They can also be used to support professional conversations in school and for professional development at a team or whole staff level.

The Junior Cycle SPHE short course was first published in 2016 and updated in 2023.

Note: Students starting first year in September 2023 will be studying the 2023 specification.

front cover of 2023 spec                                front cover of 2016 spec

View the 2023 course                                               View the 2016 course

There are two versions of the Toolkit, one for the 2023 SPHE course and one for the 2016 SPHE course. Each Toolkit has three sections. Click on the relevant section of the 2023 or 2016 Toolkit graphic to access the materials.

Myself as an SPHE teacher SPHE teaching approaches Resources for teaching and learning in SPHE

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