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Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

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Statements of Learning

The table below shows how  this specification for Junior Cycle Irish (L2) can link to some of the statements of learning contained in the Framework for Junior Cycle.


The statement Examples of relevant learning
SOL 2: The student listens, speaks,  reads and writes in L2 and one other language at a level of proficiency that is appropriate to her or his ability Students will participate in a wide range of language activities to develop their spoken and written communication in a wide variety of contexts according to their own  ability.
SOL 3: The student creates, appreciates and critically interprets a wide range of texts Students will engage with a wide range of texts to enjoy, understand and assess their content.
SOL 6: The student appreciates and respects how  diverse values, beliefs and traditions have contributed to the communities and culture in which she/he lives Through learning and using  the language, students understand Irish language culture and, as a result, they will appreciate other cultures and cultural diversity.
SOL 16: The student describes, illustrates, interprets, predicts and explains patterns and relationships Students will learn the significance of structures and the natural flow of Irish, both spoken and written.

SOL 24: The student uses technology and digital media  tools to learn, communicate, work and think collaboratively and creatively in a responsible and ethical manner

Students will use digital technologies appropriately to support learning and for language use.


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