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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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In the junior cycle specifications for Irish, students consolidate and deepen their understanding of Irish. Students are enabled to communicate in an effective, interactive, confident manner in formal and informal settings in the language community. The fostering and development of awareness

is emphasised; language and cultural awareness as well as students’ self-awareness as language learners. Junior Cycle Irish seeks to consolidate and develop the skills students bring to post- primary school. Students are empowered to assume ownership of Irish; an important life skill.


Students are encouraged to

  • use language effectively and confidently, both personally and in communicating with other users in the language community
  • enjoy creative and innovative communication in Irish
  • appreciate Irish and have a desire both to speak it and use it
  • express themselves through consolidation of their literacy skills
  • attempt to use newly-learned language aspects
  • engage with a wide range of texts in various ways,  for learning, research, and recreation
  • have an appreciation and respect for literature in Irish so that they may enjoy literature and benefit from  it
  • gain a better understanding of Irish culture and have respect and understanding for other cultures and languages.
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