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Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

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ALT1 Support

How to use these resources.

The ALT1 web resource explores levels of scaffolding that can be provided, whether these are guides for full implementation or resources that can be deconstructed by teachers and students.  The resources also includes examples of approaches that might be used to support the development process (from brainstorming to project planning). An introductory Python and Javascript CT challenge will also support skills required for this brief.

Teachers and students are encouraged to use these resources as platforms to create their own resources, as forms of assessment and in particular as reflection pieces for learning portfolios. The resources are designed specifically to be used by students to record artefacts and reflect on their learning, in particular html and pdf resources.

STRAND 3     Applied Learning Task 1 - Interactive Information Systems

Type of Resource Type ID     Instructions Learning Outcomes
CT Challenge - Develop a password protected webpage, and transition from Python to Javascript. Javascript logo   Python logo zip

Extract and launch the html file.

Includes Powepoint overview.

1.22 - 1.23  2.5 - 2.9 

Intro to 3.3

Editable html file  / from Raspberry PI server to Python Flask App Server to Data Representation Tiddlywiki logo zip

GENERIC  Launch the tiddlywiki html file for a generic ALT1 brief.

(Note : More suitable for Term1 of Year 2)

3.1 - 3.3
Hints for using Tiddlywkik html files pdf Use in conjunction with resource.  
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