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Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

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Classroom-Based Assessment

Classroom-Based Assessments are the occasions when the teacher assesses the students in the specific assessment(s) that are set out in the subject or short course specification. Junior cycle short courses will have one Classroom-Based Assessment. Where feasible, teachers of short courses will participate in learning and assessment review meetings. 

Classroom-Based Assessment: Putting the pieces together

This Classroom-Based Assessment is the culmination of the work undertaken in the three strands of the coding short course. The Classroom-Based Assessment should begin after work in the three strands has been completed.

Students will develop a final software project of their choice in teams of two or three. They will research and establish requirements; design, implement and test the software. They will document their work and their code and present the project to their peers for review. They will reflect on feedback and also provide feedback on other students’ projects.

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