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Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

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Evidence of Learning: Business in Action

To Complete
finish making or doing; bring to a successful conclusion
the Classroom-Based Assessment, each group of students must submit evidence of their work. One project is submitted per group. Students will select the information which they feel is most relevant, reliable and of good quality to be included as evidence of their completed project.

The project should provide the following information:

  • Introduction to the project
  • Evidence of student research for each group member 
  • An action plan for implementing the findings of the research
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • The Student Reflection of each group member 

The project should be up to 1500 words in length. Depending on the chosen format, some projects may involve fewer words but nonetheless Present
promote or propose an idea; deliver or illustrate evidence; show something for others to examine
all the research and findings comprehensively. All evidence submitted will be used to judge the student’s level of achievement against the relevant Features of Quality.

The project should include support materials such as prototypes or artefacts, graphic representations, financial accounts, surveys, interview questions, images, photographs, a storyboard and infographics where appropriate. The innovative Use
apply knowledge or rules to put theory into practice
of different means of representing information should be promoted and encouraged. The project should be set out in a clear and attractive format.

Before submitting their project each individual student must Complete
finish making or doing; bring to a successful conclusion
a Student Reflection. Completion of the reflection is the student’s specific declaration of the part that he or she has played in the work of the group on the project. 

Successfully added to the clipboard.