Expectations for Students

Expectations for students is an umbrella term that links learning outcomes with annotated examples of student work in the subject specification. When teachers, students or parents looking at the online specification scroll through the learning outcomes, a link will sometimes be available to examples of work associated with a specific learning outcome or with a group of learning outcomes. The examples of student work will have been selected to illustrate expectations and will have been annotated by teachers. The examples will include work that is:

  • exceptional
  • above expectations
  • in line with expectations

The purpose of the examples of student work is to show the extent to which the learning outcomes are being realised in actual cases.

Learning outcomes
Learning outcomes are statements that describe what knowledge, understanding, skills and values students should be able to demonstrate having studied Wood Technology in junior cycle. The learning outcomes set out in the following tables apply to all students. As set out here they represent outcomes for students at the end of their three years of study. The specification stresses that the learning outcomes are for three years and therefore the learning outcomes focused on at a point in time will not have been ‘completed’ but will continue to support the students’ learning in Wood Technology up to the end of junior cycle.

The outcomes are numbered within each strand. The numbering is intended to support teacher planning in the first instance and does not imply any hierarchy of importance across the outcomes themselves. Junior Cycle Wood Technology is offered at a common level. 


Principles and practices

Design thinking

Wood science and materials