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Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

Consultation on the Primary Curriculum now open

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Society and community

Leaving Certificate Computer Science includes the study and discussion of current events and emerging technologies, which will stimulate student interest and curiosity and help them connect what they are learning in class with real-world events or situations. Exploring the benefits and drawbacks of current and future computing technologies, and most importantly their impact on people and societies, will help students develop and refine their understanding of how to use computing technology and information ethically. Additionally, students will explore the role that adaptive technology can play in the lives of people with special needs and how access to, and engagement with computing and technology is of ever-increasing importance to societies, democracies and human progress.

Community links are a valuable resource for schools and students participating in Leaving Certificate Computer Science. These links can take the form of participation in industry and local business mentoring/career programmes and university mentoring programmes, leading and participating in local coding clubs or school coding clubs, and collaborating with local community groups to use technology to solve a local problem.

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