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Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

Children’s School Lives Study: Report 7

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L1LPs and the Framework for Junior Cycle

The junior cycle is the final phase of compulsory education and it covers an important period in the lives of all young people. It is a time of change, of growth and development for students as they move from childhood towards early adulthood. All young people in junior cycle can display different degrees of maturity and rates of progress. It is acknowledged that the transition from childhood to adulthood, for this cohort of students, may not be the same as that of their typically-developing peers. However, they will be experiencing puberty and related emotional changes. As they come towards the end of their compulsory education inevitable changes in familiar and predictable routines will occur in their wider lives.

The Framework for Junior Cycle (2015) is underpinned by eight principles, twenty-four statements of learning, and eight key skills. One way of delivering these principles is through offering L1LPs as an option at junior cycle. Students undertaking the L1LPs will experience some or all of the statements of learning and develop their skills through engagement with PLUs, short courses and other curriculum and learning experiences.

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