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The objectives of Leaving Certificate Lithuanian are to enable learners to:

  • communicate effectively and participate in everyday communications, in a variety of media, in the medium of the target language
  • develop the capacity to use appropriate structures and vocabulary across the four modes of communication 
  • extract information and derive enjoyment from a variety of sources, including a range of media and authentic texts, in the target language
  • become reflective and autonomous language learners who are actively involved in monitoring and assessing their own progress
  • foster an appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity and of the value of using their linguistic repertoire to better understand, celebrate and foster links with the target language communities
  • enjoy their language learning experiences and develop appropriate language proficiency to actively pursue leisure activities, further language study, and/or career opportunities through the medium of the target language
  • develop an awareness of how languages work and relate to one another, building on their linguistic knowledge and skills to support and motivate lifelong language learning and learning in general.