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Physical Education (PE)

This 100 hour short course builds on the Junior Cycle Physical Education Framework which physical education teachers currently use to plan their physical education programme in junior cycle.  

There are four strands, each one focusing on learning in different physical activity areas: Physical activity for health and wellbeing. Games, Individual and team challenges, Dance and Gymnastics.

The learning outcomes in this short course provide a clear focus for student learning as well as teacher planning.  In order to ensure that students are motivated to learn and participate in physical education, there is emphasis on consultation with students about the course and assessment design.

Wellbeing in junior cycle is about young people feeling confident, happy, healthy and connected.   This short course in PE contributes to the Wellbeing programme by providing learning experiences which support students in being better able and more motivated to include regular physical activity in their lives, thereby contributing to their overall experience of wellbeing.  

Early Childhood Primary Junior Cycle