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Assessment Guidelines

The guidelines for Classroom-Based Assessments and Assessment Task in Junior Cycle Science provide:

  • General information on Classroom-Based Assessments
  • Support for teacher judgement through the process of Subject Learning and Assessment Review
  • Details of the nature and scope of the two Classroom-Based Assessments described in the curriculum specification for science
  • Guidelines for schools and teachers on completing the Classroom-Based Assessments in science
  • Details of the Assessment Task in science and how the school supports its completion.

Junior Cycle Science: Guidelines for the Classroom-Based Assessments and Assessment Task

The guidelines should be used in conjunction with the curriculum specification for Junior Cycle science studies and the Assessment Toolkit for junior cycle, which includes further details of the Subject Learning and Assessment Review process and other aspects of junior cycle assessment set out in these guidelines.

A detailed outline of assessment in Junior Cycle can be found in the Framework for Junior Cycle 2015 which can be accessed here.