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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Classroom-Based Assessment

Classroom-Based Assessments are the occasions when the teacher assesses the students in the specific assessment(s) that are set out in the subject or short course specification. Junior cycle short courses will have one Classroom-Based Assessment. Where feasible, teachers of short courses will participate in learning and assessment review meetings. 


Classroom-Based Assessment: Philosophical enquiry

Students will complete a philosophical enquiry as their Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA).

Students are given an opportunity to choose a philosophical question that is of personal interest to them from one of the strands that they have studied, and carry out an enquiry on this question over time leading to a presentation. This Classroom-Based Assessment provides opportunities for the students to show evidence of their skills of ‘doing philosophy’, particularly their skills in asking questions, researching different perspectives, discussing, comparing, explaining, summarising, making connections, making distinctions, solving problems and drawing conclusions.  They will also  be expected to refer to other thinkers who they have found interesting in deliberating on this question.

Students can choose to present their philosophical enquiry in written, oral or digital format. This activity also offers students opportunities to collaborate with classmates as they pursue their enquiry and prepare for their presentation. 

A particular purpose of the Classroom-based Assessment will be to facilitate developmental feedback to students during their engagement with the activity and at the end of the process.  The Classroom-Based Assessment for the philosophy short course can be completed in second or third year. 

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