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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Example 01: Theme - My Viewpoint

The main focus of the scheme was for the students to recognise the differences between chalk and oil pastel media and to learn the different techniques of how to apply them.

The students looked at and examined tone in their black and white photograph of the landscape and represented it in monotone using chalk pastels. The students were encouraged to use their imagination/artistic licence for the layout and in adding any features.

The students analysed how different landscape artists represented the landscape and from this research chose one artist based on their use of technique or colour as inspiration.

Students then chose one photograph from a school trip they had taken in their local landscape. Their choice was made based on its strong composition. This photograph was used as inspiration by the students to create an oil pastel landscape. The students experimented further with texture and blending techniques based on their chosen photograph. Finally, using their research, photographs, sketches and work in media the students developed their favourite piece into a collage.


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