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Statements of Learning

The statement Examples of relevant learning
SOL 3: The student creates, appreciates and critically interprets a wide range of texts Students will engage with a wide range of texts in narrative and aesthetic forms and explore the meaning that people assign to certain religious texts.
SOL 5: The student has an awareness of personal values and an understanding of the process of moral decision-making. Students will identify the values underpinning moral decisions and gain an understanding of how moral decision-making works in their own lives and the lives of others.
SOL 6: The student appreciates how diverse values, beliefs and traditions have contributed to the communities and culture in which she/he lives. Students will research different communities of faith within Ireland today and also examine how Christianity has contributed to Irish culture and heritage.
SOL 7: The student values what it means to be an active citizen, with rights and responsibilities in local and wider contexts. Students will learn about issues of concern to them and the wider world and be challenged to consider how their response in local and wider contexts can contribute to creating a more just and sustainable world.
SOL 8: The student values local, national and international heritage, understands the importance of the relationship between past and current events and the forces that drive change. Students will learn how religious traditions and beliefs have evolved over time and consider the influence of religion on events, people and society and the influence of these on religion.
SOL 11: The student takes action to safeguard and promote her/his wellbeing and that of others. Students will consider how their values, decisions and actions impact on their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, extending to planet Earth.