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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Classroom-Based Assessment

Classroom-Based Assessments are the occasions when the teacher assesses the students in the specific assessment(s) that are set out in the subject or short course specification. Junior cycle short courses will have one Classroom-Based Assessment. Where feasible, teachers of short courses will participate in learning and assessment review meetings. 

Classroom-Based Assessment: Final project

The final project is a significant piece of work that can be presented/published in an appropriate digital format, and should be completed towards the end of the course.  It can be based on any topic related to the course. This project will be published and should demonstrate engagement with learning outcomes across all four strands. As part of the Classroom-Based Assessment, students should encompass an awareness of how to remain safe online, how to respond to potentially harmful situations, the benefits and risks of social networking, and how to be a respectful and responsible online citizen. 

These are examples of the type and scale of work expected for the Classroom-Based Assessment:

  • On the school website, publish a page on a policy for social media use in your school. This published material should detail the positive impact of and the challenges surrounding online social media. It should include infographics or videos or presentations detailing appropriate online behaviour. It should also set out a charter of online rights and responsibilities for young people and incorporate the facility for others to contribute through a blog. 
  • Design a survey on the attitudes of adults in your community to the use of social media. Publish the results of this survey, with awareness of the rights of the participants, the purpose of the survey, the intended audience and the different platforms with which to disseminate the information. The results of the survey should be presented using appropriate visuals/graphics/images and all stages of the planning and research should be clearly documented.
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