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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Classroom-based assessment

Classroom-Based Assessments are the occasions when the teacher assesses the students in the specific assessment(s) that are set out in the subject or short course specification. Junior cycle short courses will have one Classroom-Based Assessment.

Classroom-Based Assessment: An excursion

This Classroom-Based Assessment is the culmination of the work undertaken in the four strands of the Around the world in eighty days short course. The Classroom-Based Assessment should begin after work in the four strands has been completed.

The planning and preparation for an actual trip to an area in the local or wider community will give the student the opportunity to use skills they have learned throughout the short course. The choice of destination will be an area of interest the student has chosen from strand 1. The student will research and decide on modes of transport, calculate the cost involved and identify essential items required for the excursion. It may require collaboration with others to research, find information, plan and organise the excursion.  It builds confidence, develops independent living skills and encourages social interaction with others. It may also provide an opportunity to demonstrate skills in working with digital technology.

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