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3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

3 Draft Leaving Certificate specifications consultations

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Features and requirements of L2LPs for certification through the JCPA

What components are included for certification?
Priority Learning Units
• Communicating and literacy
• Numeracy
• Personal care
• Living in a community
• Preparing for work
Two Level 2 short courses

How many components are involved in certification?
There are two components recorded in the JCPA: PLUs and short courses (Level 2). For achievement in each PLU to be recorded on the JCPA, students must present evidence of learning in a majority of the learning outcomes for all elements of that PLU. For achievement in each Level 2 short course to be recorded on the JCPA, students’ work must be judged to meet the Features of Quality of the Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) for the Level 2 short course(s) studied.

What time should be allocated to the component on the school timetable?
Approximately 250 hours for each PLU and 100 hours for each short course.

Who specifies the curriculum and assessment arrangements to be followed?
The NCCA has set out specifications and assessment arrangements for the PLUs in the Level 2
Learning Programmes: Guidelines for Teachers.

Specifications for Level 2 short courses are set by the NCCA, the school or another source.
The NCCA provides examples and templates where the short courses are being developed by

What role does the NCCA play in assessment?
The NCCA, through the Guidelines provides schools with sample materials showing how to assess learning outcomes in PLUs. The NCCA, through examples of Level 2 short courses, provides schools with sample materials on the assessment of short courses.

What role do schools play in assessment for certification?
Assessment of PLUs and short courses and the awarding of the JCA is school based. All students who have met the requirements for achievement outlined above in relation to PLUs and short courses have their learning recognised for each curriculum component in the JCPA.

How will the components be recorded in the JCPA?
Grading of achievement in both PLUs and Short Courses

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