LCCS Computer Science
Programming Concept 7. Definitions (Functions)
Scaffolding a Drop and Catch game on the microbit

Computational Thinking with a microbit

Levels 0-5 are scaffolded in PC5 - Loops . They are summarised below, with a link to the microbit simulator at each level.
Levels 6-7 use arrays (similar to lists) to fulfil the requirements of a game with 2 or more raindrops.

CT Level 0 Challenge :    Simulate a raindrop in the centre of the screen.
CT Level 1 Challenge :    On reaching the bottom of the screen, it must return to the top.
CT Level 2 Challenge :    Include a Catcher on the bottom row, using A and B controls, but no interaction yet.
CT Level 3 Challenge :    Catch the raindrop then it's game over/happy face. Otherwise fall at a slower pace.
CT Level 4 Challenge :    Random raindrops fall and the score of catches is displayed when a drop is missed.
CT Level 5 Challenge :    Each round speeds up. Completed rounds show at the end of the game.

CT Level 6 Challenge :    2 or more raindrops, stored in an array, falling from random spots. No interaction.
CT Level 7 Challenge :    Catch all the multiple raindrops in a limited number of rounds. Report the final score.

CT Level 8 Challenge :
The same algorithm as the previous level, but functions used where appropriate.     
Identify blocks of code that can act as modules, enhancing abstraction and re-usability.     

The screen may need a refresh for some of the embedded Simulator displays. Tends to work best in Chrome.