LCCS Computer Science
Programming Concept 5. Loops
Scaffolding a Drop and Catch game on the microbit

Computational Thinking with a microbit

Levels 0-3 are scaffolded in PC4 - Conditionals . They are summarised below, with a link to the microbit simulator at each level.
Levels 4-5 suggest the use of loops to fulfil the requirements of the game.

CT Level 0 Challenge :    Simulate a raindrop in the centre of the screen.
CT Level 1 Challenge :    On reaching the bottom of the screen, it must return to the top.
CT Level 2 Challenge :    Include a Catcher on the bottom row, using A and B controls, but no interaction yet.
CT Level 3 Challenge :    Catch the raindrop then it's game over/happy face. Otherwise fall at a slower pace.

CT Level 4 Challenge :
Raindrop falls from a random location at the top of the screen.
If the drop is caught, the next round starts from another random location.     
If the raindrop gets through, then show number of completed rounds.     

CT Level 5 Challenge :
A limited number of rounds, each round the raindrop speeds up as it falls.     
If the raindrop gets through, then sad face. Show number of rounds completed out of total.     

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