LCCS Computer Science
Welcome to a Block-Based Computational Thinking (CT) Challenge

Analyse your Scratch programs according to 7 key CT criteria:
Data Representation, Abstraction, Flow Control, Synchronisation, Logic, Parallelism, and User Interactivity.

Three Simple Steps :
1. Copy the url of your Scratch program.
2. Launch Drscratch.
3. Paste your url into the ANALYZE YOUR URL box.


Drscratch will analyse and rate your program.
Your task is to create 3 programs from BASIC to DEVELOPING to MASTER.
You should try to build on the same code, enhancing as you develop. See the examples below.
Create an eportfolio of your programs and how you progressed as a Computational Thinker. You can use this resource to do that. See suggestions below.

The table below comprises examples of Scratch programs from Basic to Master level.
Copy the urls of the programs below into your browser. See the program in action before you analyse it.
Then copy the url into the Dr Scratch application, and see how it rates the program for CT skills.
7 CT attributes are analysed, and 3 marks for each attribute (or CT skill really!). A total of 21.

PROGRAM LEVEL RATING url of Scratch program
Basic 4/21
Developing 8/21
Developing 12/21
Master 15/21
Master 17/21
Master 18/21