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Login or register on this page to create your own clipboard space. The clipboard lets you save collections of information from this site to suit your needs. You can convert the content in to word or create pdfs.

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Registering for an account:

While you don't need an account to access all of the publicly available information on this website, if you want to save, organise and create your own collections of information from the site you will need to register. There are two types of account available.

1. Basic account:

Any user of the site, say a parent or student, can register for a basic account. With this account you can access the clipboard, which lets you save collections of information from this site to suit your needs. The clipboard content you choose to collect can be used to create your own Word or PDF documents.

2. Teacher account:

If you are a teacher, registered with the Teaching Council in Ireland, you will be able to register for a teacher's account. If you already have a basic account, you can log in now and upgrade to a teacher account. Otherwise, select "Yes" when indicating you are a teacher on the registration form on the left. You will then be asked to supply your Teacher Council Registration details. Please note that your first name, last name, Teaching Council number and date of birth must match those on the Teaching Council's register. This account will give you access to more specific areas and content, marked as [TCA], for teachers on the site.

You will receive a confirmation email if your registration is successful. Please check your spam/junk folders in your email client if you do not see it in your inbox.