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ALT4 Support

Video lessons and html resources to develop skills and scaffolding classes around the use of embedded systems. The lessons together address the LOs of ALT4, and are designed to encourage ideas for full implementation of the brief on embedded systems. In addition, the parallel use of block-based programming (such as Scratch or the microbit block code) and text based (Python, Javascript) programming reinforces the blended pedagogical approaches to concepts addressed in other resources.

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Strand 3 ALT4 : Embedded Systems scaffolding videos


Battery tester HEX code



Strand 3 Scaffolded resources to program the microbit

9 levels of scaffolded resources in editable html files to create a Drop and Catch Game.

Embedded microbit code, with suggestions built-in on how to use and adapt the resources.

Learning Outcomes Addressed

Levels 0 - 3 Levels 4 - 5 Levels 6 - 7 Level 8

1.1 - 1.7,  1.22,  1.23, Intro to 3.13 - 3.14


  • Further ideas on using microprocessors for ALT4 can be found at