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SPHE/RSE Toolkit

This toolkit is being developed to support teachers working with Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) as an aspect of the current SPHE curriculum. The toolkit aims to provide supports for teachers in preparing for and teaching SPHE/RSE. The toolkit has three sections – Preparing to Teach; Teaching SPHE/RSE; Resources to Teach SPHE/RSE. 

The criteria for selection of resources can be accessed here. Each resource should be considered in respect to the particular needs and interests of children, their parents, the wider school community, and your school’s SPHE and RSE policies.

To get started, you might find this FAQ document helpful: 

General Information about Relationships and Sexuality Education across Primary and Post-Primary Schools

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Teaching SPHE/RSE  

Responding to challenging discussions, topics and questions

Using a wide variety of active methodologies to meet the needs of the children in your class

Considering the use and role of guest speakers

Choosing, creating and working with resources to teach SPHE/RSE

Teaching about consent

Helping your child to learn about consent


Creating a positive learning environment 



Panel discussion on the role of external facilitators and guest speakers in supporting SPHE/RSE

Supporting children and young people living with Domestic Violence and Abuse 


LGBTI+ Inclusivity in Primary Schools