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Physical Education and other Key Skills



Key Skill

Key skill element

Student learning activity

Being Creative

Exploring options and alternatives

Students discuss and agree solutions to problems posed in various physical activities.

Being literate  Expressing ideas clearly and accurately  Students discuss different solutions to tasks in Physical Education with their peers.
Being numerate Gathering, interpreting and representing data  Students complete statistical analysis of their own and others’ performance, present it graphically, and use the findings to evaluate performance and plan for improvement. 


Listening and expressing myself

Students solve problems and negotiate solutions respectfully with fellow students in a range of physical activities.

Managing information and thinking

Gathering, recording, organising and evaluating information

Students gather and organise data about their own performance and that of others. They use this information to plan for improvement.

Managing myself

Setting and achieving personal goals

Students devise and undertake plans to achieve personal or group goals.

They reflect on their progress and learning and make the necessary adjustments to their goals.

Staying well

Being healthy, physical and active

Students learn to make informed decisions about their participation in physical activity.

Students learn to demonstrate care and respect for themselves and others as they participate in different activities.

Working with others


Students engage in a number of peer and group tasks which require co-operation to achieve common and challenging goals.