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Statements of Learning

Statements of learning (SOL)


Examples of related learning in the course

SOL 4: The student creates and presents artistic works and appreciates the processes and skills involved.

In strands 1, 3 and 4 the student is involved in all aspects of the creative process of animation. The importance of sequencing and patience in a creative process is realised.

SOL 20: The student uses appropriate technologies in meeting a design challenge.

During set/character creations, the student learns to overcome design challenges as an individual and as part of a group by using a variety of different Apps along with programmes for tablets and laptops. The student also learns to shoot scenes from different angles using appropriate devices.

SOL 21: The student applies practical skills as she/he develop models and products using various materials and technologies.

The student uses skills learned in other subjects such as Technology and/or Materials Technology (Wood) and works on this short course in those classes.

SOL 22: The student takes initiative, is innovative and develops entrepreneurial skills.

In strand 3 and 4 the student learns to problem-solve and identify opportunities. Through the interview process, collaborative work and market research, the student develops business and entrepreneurial skills.

SOL 23: The student brings an idea from conception to realisation.

The course culminates in the creation of a short animation production. To do this the student

works individually and as part of a group through every stage of the process