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Rationale and aim


This short course builds on and promotes the development of a range of personal, social and practical skills in the context of learning about the student’s place in their home, school and wider community. It helps the student gain an understanding and knowledge of other countries and cultures and looks at ways of accessing places in their locality and further afield. As well as content knowledge, students develop essential skills such as those of communication and language; thinking and reasoning; labelling; classifying; comparing and sequencing.

This short course places the student and their locality at the centre of learning. It begins by developing skills and strategies for exploring places, people and amenities in the immediate environment. The student progresses in gaining knowledge and experience which will further develop their independence in relation to planning excursions.


This short course aims to develop the student’s experience of independence in relation to travel. It also develops knowledge, cognitive, social and practical skills. This is achieved in the context of learning about their home, school and wider community, and through developing knowledge of other cultures.