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Example 01: Abstract Painting

Resource type: Student Work

This was a “taster” project for mixed ability students at the beginning of first year. They were asked to identify, select and make drawings of a primary source in their Visual Art sketchbooks. They used these drawings as the basis for small colour-studies, one of which would be framed. The learning intentions were shared with the students and they devised the success criteria.

Students chose a primary source and made blind, modified blind and line drawings. They discussed a painting using the Visual Thinking Strategies methodology and used their learning to identify the important parts of a painting. They drew A5 shapes on tracing paper and used them to identify interesting compositions. They made a cool coloured study with colour pencils, used warm colours with watercolours on watercolour paper and they used acrylic paint on canvas paper (in a colour scheme of their choice). They also reflected on their learning during the project.



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