Examples of Oral Communication (2nd year)

Students can approach the oral communication classroom-based assessment in a variety of different ways, as this video and the examples below illustrate. More examples will be added over time.

The annotations came from the student’s teacher and were confirmed by the Quality Assurance group, consisting of practising English teachers and representatives of the Inspectorate, the SEC and JCT.

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These samples move from In line with expectations (A - E) to Above expectations (F - K) to Exceptional (L)

Assessing oral communication [TCA]

Video of teacher using features of quality and note-taking template to assess the oral communication CBA.

Example A: Hunger Games [TCA]

Having read The Hunger Games and watched the film adaptation, these two students decided to create a presentation on the novel and film.

Example B: DMD [TCA]

This student decided to speak about living with Muscular Dystrophy and his love of the film Inside I’m Dancing, whose protagonist also has this condition.

Example C: Celebrities [TCA]

Having studied Benjamin Zephaniah’s performance poetry, these two students wrote a short verse and created a presentation on celebrities.

Example D: War Horse [TCA]

This student enjoyed studying War Horse and decided to explore the theme of death in the play.

Example E: Spain [TCA]

This student presents on her home country of Spain, its culture and literature and the stereotypes we need to cast off to truly understand her country.

Example F: Then and Now [TCA]

This student is close to her grandparents and decided to interview them about what life was like when they were young. She presents her findings, illustrating her poin...

Example G: Drugs [TCA]

This student likes poetry and decided to write a short poem and create a presentation on the topic of drugs.

Example H: Poverty [TCA]

Inspired by the Beyoncé song ‘I was here’, this student presents on poverty and on how we as individuals can make a change in this world.

Example I: Louis Sachar [TCA]

This group of three students really liked the book Holes and decided to role-play an interview between a TV show host and the author of Holes, Louis Sachar.

Example J: Yeats [TCA]

This student is passionate about Irish history, about what it means to be Irish and about the works of WB Yeats. In this example, he combines these interests in a spee...

Example K: Time [TCA]

This student speaks about losing her grandmother and about how it made her look at time, and how we spend our time, in a new way.

Example L: Death [TCA]

This student is interested in mythology. He decided to explore the way death is represented in mythology and to expand this into a wider discussion about our relations...

Example M: Election [TCA]

These two students created, improvised, rehearsed and performed a short drama of a politician door-stepping for votes.

Example N: Oscars [TCA]

These two students used the Oscars as inspiration for this short drama, followed by a Q&A outlining how they put it together.

Example O: Dream Poem [TCA]

This student performs a poem she wrote about dreams.

Example P: Vivian Maier [TCA]

Inspired by Vivian Maier, these students discuss her life and some of her photographs.

Example Q: Scott Cawthorn [TCA]

This student presents on the video game designer Scott Cawthorn.