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Expectations for students

Students learn about

Students should be able to

1. Hunger and thirst
  1. 1.1

    communicate feelings of hunger and thirst

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  2. 1.2

    investigate why we need to eat and drink

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  3. 1.3

    recognise equipment used for eating and drinking

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  4. 1.4

    refine skills for eating and drinking

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  5. 1.5

    identify feeling full when eating

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2. Healthy and non-healthy food and drink
  1. 1.6

    use the senses to explore different types of food and drink

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  2. 1.7

    identify different types of food and drinkvegetables, meat, bread, sweets, juice etc.

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  3. 1.8

      participate in categorising food/drink into healthy and non-healthy

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3. A balanced diet
  1. 1.9

    show preferences for foods and drinks

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  2. 1.10

    use the food pyramid to plan a balanced meal/diet

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  3. 1.11

    develop an understanding of recommended portion sizes for men, women, children, the elderly, those recuperating after illness etc.

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4. Dietary requirements
  1. 1.12

    demonstrate awareness of their own/others’ dietary requirements

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  2. 1.13

    accept and reject food/drink suitable to their own needs

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  3. 1.14

    name some food allergies and list the effects of them

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