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Strand 2: Global Citizenship - Sample Actions

Linking learning to action is a core part of the CSPE short course.  The following suggested actions relate to Strand Two mainly, although linkages with other strands are possible.  It is not intended as a prescriptive list. 

  • Create a ‘wellbeing’ mural or noticeboard, highlighting the link between the wellbeing of people and the planet.
  • Organise a class debate on a local or global development issue.
  • Research case-studies to find out how Ireland’s official development assistance (ODA) is tackling poverty and inequalities in specific countries.
  • Write a letter or an email to a politician or to the media about a local or global issue of concern.
  • Measure of your class’s attempts to lessen your collective impact on the planet over an agreed period by calculating your combined pre- and post- ecological footprints.
  • Investigate the use of art, comedy, drama, poetry, music, multimedia (or similar) to communicate how to address the challenge of climate change.
  • Organize a pop-up fashion swap-shop to recycle clothing and raise awareness about sustainable shopping.
  • Invite a guest speaker(s) to talk to the class/school about a local or global development issue of interest/concern.
  • Organise a visit to an organisation or community focused on sustainability issues.
  • Support the work of a non- government organisation (NGO) that is working to address local or global inequalities, by supporting their awareness raising, campaigning or fund-raising efforts.