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Strand 1: Rights and responsibilities - Sample Actions

Linking learning to action is a core part of the CSPE short course.  The following suggested actions relate to Strand One mainly, although linkages with other strands are possible.  It is not intended as a prescriptive list. 

  • Use digital technology to create a display showing situations or cases where human dignity was or is respected.Display finished work in school or online.
  • Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that ‘Young people have a right to have their voices heard and for adults to listen and take them seriously in matters that affect them.’Examine how your school supports listening to and involving young people in decision making about matters that affect them in school and share your findings.
  • Identify a human rights issue of concern and engage with an individual, group, organisation or campaign focusing on that issue.
  • Lobby a relevant government department about a human rights issue of personal relevance and/or concern to young people.
  • Design and administer a survey to find out what peers/family members know and think about an issue of human rights or children’s rights.Share your findings with survey participants and with someone of influence.
  • Publish an article, blog, vlog, podcast (or similar) about the treatment of a minority group in Ireland, referencing one or more human rights instruments and/or equality legislation, that is relevant to the issue.
  • Organise a celebration to mark International Human Rights Day to inform people about the UNCRC, UDHR or ECHR; and/or, organisations working in the field of human rights in Ireland.
  • Research the impact of one global challenge (such as COVID-19, biodiversity loss, climate change, poverty) on the human rights of children and young people in Ireland or in the Global South.
  • Organize a guest speaker(s) to talk to the class/school about a human rights/children’s rights issue of interest/concern.