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Features of Quality

Features of quality related to student work on the Presentation Task and Case Study Task are set out below. In general terms, these can be used by students and by teachers to support their discussions about and judgements of work on the assessment tasks. More specifically, the features of quality are the criteria that will be used by teachers to assess the student work. Grading will be on the basis of Achieved or Yet to be Achieved. All of the features of quality need to be completed successfully in order for the student to be awarded an Achieved grading.

Presentation Task


  • The presentation communicates a small number of important messages (2-3)
  • Key words related to the topic are used
  • Key messages are supported by reasoning/facts where appropriate.
  • An appropriate medium of communication with additional visual or electronic supports/prompts (if appropriate) is used
  • The presentation is delivered at a pace that allows the audience to hear/assimilate what is said/conveyed
  • There is evidence of an attempt to connect with the audience (e.g. by making eye contact, using humour, using props)
  • There is a definite introduction and conclusion to the presentation.

Case Study Task


  • The response demonstrates an understanding of the subject of the case study e.g. what dogs need if they are to lead a healthy life.     
  • There is evidence of learning in relation to knowledge, skills and attitudes developed through the course.
  • Responses demonstrate an ability to make effective decisions in given hypothetical situations
  • Answers show an ability to identify and apply information to particular contexts or given situations e.g. using services and professionals in the community in particular contexts
  • Replies show an appreciation of the practical applications of knowledge and information e.g. costs involved in keeping a dog/pet.