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The learning programmes in action

To assist in planning learning programmes, the learning wheel,
 offers a schema that places and relates the
different elements of the guidelines. The learning programme
revolves around the student. It is represented as concentric
circles on a wheel to act as a visual reminder and reflective
tool for teachers and students that emphasises the
importance of maintaining a holistic view of the learning. The
concentric circles, from the inside out, reflect the students,
aspects of their learning such as the IEP, the categories of
learning outcomes involved, the PLUs, potential curricular
areas included in the programme, the assessment and
qualifications dimension and, finally, some of the principles
involved. The table following the diagram describes the
elements of the wheel in greater detail.
To support teachers in planning for learning and assessment
an e-planning tool has been developed by NCCA. It is
informed by the learning wheel so it assists teachers to plan in
an integrated way, rather than seeing the IEP, literacy and
numeracy goals as well as L2LP targets as separate entities.