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Some sample learning programmes

In developing some sample learning programmes that would demonstrate the guidelines in action, schools identified
students from the relevant target group and generated a
learning programme for them. The learning programmes
describe a range of activities that schools are currently using
with their students. The activities described in the sample
learning programmes relate to the schools’ own experiences
in working towards an existing qualification/award, in some
cases this is the QQI Level 2 Certificate in General learning
and in others, it is the Award Scheme Development and
Accreditation Network (ASDAN) award.
The sample learning programmes describe the PLUs for each
student. The PLUs are chosen with the specific profile and
needs of the student in mind. In general, it is envisaged that a
student’s learning programme would run for the duration of
junior cycle, and on completion this would lead to a JCPA. It
should be emphasised that the learning programmes do not
describe the totality of the student’s learning. There are other
learning activities and experiences the student might
undertake over the course of junior cycle that may not be
described in the learning programme.
Learning programmes can include learning that is curricular
and extra-curricular.


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