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Recognising progress and achievement

Tara’s progress is recognised on a daily basis. All teachers and SNAs that are part of Tara’s education follow the strategy of positive reinforcement to encourage Tara’s motivation in her work. This is done by continuous verbal praise and nonverbal communications. Tara is also awarded a star for her star chart after achieving work towards her goals. This feedback is consistent so Tara is aware of her learning goals and how to achieve these. A communication notebook for Tara’s home is also used to detail her progress as well as what she enjoyed doing throughout the day. It is also school policy that achievement is awarded at the end of every school year. Tara is presented with certificates of achievement. During last year’s ceremony, Tara was awarded for her great attendance throughout the year as well as her music contribution.

Main assessment task/activities for evidence of learning

Tara’s learning is assessed through teacher observation. The progress of IEP targets and PLU learning outcomes is observed in order to determine if these skills are achieved. These skills need to be generalised in a number of teaching activities and settings in order for the new skill to be fully attained. Tara is also assessed through performance tasks, after such skills are taught and Tara can then independently complete the task when presented with such stimuli or situations, for example putting objects beside/in/under, after instruction.

Tara’s great artwork is also displayed in the classroom and in her art folder as evidence of learning. Tara’s great music displays are also recorded and shown to her parents to share and recognise her achievements.

The main form of assessment is done through a portfolio. This holds all Tara’s evidence of learning containing photographs and videos. This portfolio is done in hard copy and allows for Tara to look back over her achievements and show others all of her hard work and accomplishments. This is great for building Tara’s self-esteem while also reinforcing communication skills. Due to the large amount of video-based evidence, the possibility of forming an e-portfolio will be explored further.