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Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement

The evidence of learning gathered in the L1LP portfolio will be presented for the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA). The learning recognised in the JCPA will be broadly aligned with Level 1 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). The JCPA will be issued by the school. Two curriculum components will feature in the award of the JCPA. They are the Priority Learning Units (PLUs) outlined earlier in these guidelines, and short courses as described on p. 18. As with PLUs, the content of short courses will be aligned with the learning indicators at Level 1 of the National Framework of Qualifications. The fact that requirements for the JCPA focus on PLUs and Level 1 short courses does not mean that students are completely confined to learning at Level 1. Where it meets the needs and abilities of the student involved, their school programme can also include curriculum components at other levels. For example, the student could take a PLU or short course at Level 2 and have their achievements at this level recognised as part of their JCPA also. An outline of the main features and requirements associated with a JCPA at Level 1 is presented in Table 1 on the following pages.